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“Sliders” Preying On Women At Gas Stations Across The Country!

The newest public threat to personal property, “sliding”, is a quick snatch-and-run theft from cars at the gas pump. Thieves brazenly slide up to the side of the car that you are not facing, open your door, and grab whatever they find on your seats. Their main target is women’s purses. Most times, they accomplish this public theft in broad daylight without even being noticed.

When pumping gas, make sure that all of the car doors that you are not standing near are locked. Lock them all if you have to leave your car to pay inside.


Jade’s Backup Power Supply Keeps Our Customers Protected

Last night at approximately 18:48 hours (6:48PM) one of the KCP&L transformers servicing this area went down.

Immediately our UPS on-line systems began providing backup power to our Central Station Computer Automation System and within about 6 seconds our generators had taken over, providing power to our Central Station Command Center for several hours until regular electric service was restored.

All is well at Jade Alarm Co. – watching over you & yours!

False Alarms

False alarms are dangerous. They diminish the ability of your security system to do what it is supposed to be doing assisting the Police or Fire Department in providing you with protection. They will also de-sensitize your neighbors (as well as responding personnel) and when you really do need help, the alarm sounding could very well be considered just another “cry of wolf” instead of an actual call for help.

We have recently upgraded our computer software to track false alarms. Customers who are having a problem with either operation or equipment will be receiving attention from our Service Manager, Keith. Even though we have one of the lowest false alarm rates of any company in this area of the country, our goal is to totally eliminate false alarms.

Finally, if you suspect something is amiss with your alarm, don’t wait! Call us immediately at 816-333-5233 to request a check-up!