Benefits of Installing a Keypad Lock for Your Business

When you install a lock for your business, your goal is to keep the property secure while you are away. As a result of business owners demanding new, more effective methods of securing their businesses, the security industry offers a number of different types of locks. Some of the most common include:

• Cam locks
• Padlocks
• Combination locks
• Deadbolt locks
• Traditional key locks

Another option, which can enhance the security of a business further than the traditional locks is a keypad lock.Com_pad_Sec

Keypad locks work without a key. In order to gain access to a building, the person has to enter the proper numerical combination. The keypad on these locks is similar to what is found on a telephone or calculator.

When the correct pin is entered, the door unlocks. There are quite a few benefits offered by keypad locks over other options, which are found here.

Higher level of security: There are no cylinders, so they are unable to be bumped or picked like conventional locks. There are also no keys to be lost.
A smarter security option: There are some keypad locks that can be scheduled to only open during certain times. This will limit access even to those who have the pin.
Easy to install: There are no major adjustments needed to install this type of lock. They are a standalone unit which means there is no need to wire in the door to make them work.

If you are looking for a better way to secure your property, then you should consider the benefits offered by a keypad lock. They can provide peace of mind for any property.

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  1. Luke Smith

    I would think that having a keypad lock installed at home, work or even the car would be a good idea. There can be so many combinations to choose from. I like that they are easy to install, so a good locksmith can come and put them in.

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