burglary stories
    We recently had an alarm from a business. The bad guys put car floor mats up on a fence to avoid being seen. They then cut power, phone and cable going into the building. When the police got there, (*a jogger heard them on the roof in the early hours and directed the police they heard the burglars working on the roof)  they found all the tools the bad guys had quickly left behind. Amongst all the tools, they found a police scanner & cell phone jammer.
    The alarm system had a SecureNet radio transmitter system and land line (that was cut). 

    A reported burglary in Orlando Fl area, two men entered a restaurant after cutting the phone line and disabling the alarm, then smashed their way into an adjoining space occupied by a sun glass store, stealing $74,000 worth of glasses.  They also used high power cell jamming unit causing blackout of cell, radio and GPS in an area the size of a football field. So much for ‘cell units’ that are easily jammed!