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Helpful information about Jade Alarm and the security industry in general from Joe Pfefer, Jade Alarm Co.’s President.

How to Evaluate Your Business’s Security System Provider

Com_EvaAs a business owner, you likely know the importance of evaluating what is and is not working for your company on a regular basis. However, a critical and often overlooked area for evaluation is your security system. You have to consider a number of things. For example, is the service you have in place offering adequate protection at a reasonable price? If not, it may be time to find a new security provider.

Some questions you should ask when trying to evaluate your current security provider are highlighted here.

What will you do next?
“Good enough” never lasts long. You need to ensure the provider you use fully understands the current security market and has plans to upgrade and enhance their systems as technology progresses. If they have no plans to upgrade your services, you are likely with the wrong provider.

Are you ready for mobile integration?
Most employees currently bring their phones to work. You may even use a number of apps to help enhance your business, such as document scanning and mobile credit card readers. The alarm and security company you use should not be any different. If they do not have a mobile app readily available, be sure you ask “why?” If they don’t have one being developed, you may want to seek services elsewhere. There are quite a few security providers that now offer apps that give you on-demand text alerts and live-streaming video monitoring.

Do you offer value-enhancement services?
An alarm system is only a single element of a bigger security package. When looking for a security system it is a good idea to find one that offers extra services to help ensure your business remains safe. Ask about pairing video cameras, access control and alarm systems.

Taking some time to consider the quality of your security provider will ensure you achieve the results you want from your system.

Peace of mind since 1969.

Kansas City’s only independent U.L. Certified Monitoring Facility.Locating our Central Station Monitoring Facility in the heart of our service area sets us aside from many of our competitors who attempt to monitor their customers from other cities, other states, and even other countries.Our highly screened and constantly trained Monitoring Professionals are protecting their own homes, their neighborhoods, and the places their families work at or visit on a daily basis. They know the city and its neighborhoods and how best to respond to an emergency based on its location.Operating our Monitoring Facility locally also allows Jade to maintain a good working relationship with all of the emergency service providers who will be rushing to your aid when called. For example, Jade has direct inward dialing into the KCMO Fire Departmart dispatch headquarters for the fastest response time possible if a fire alarm is received.

Tips for keeping your Business safe.

  • Ensure that your alarm is working properly, test your system frequently. Always call our Central Station Command Center before each test.
  • Respond to each and every alarm.
  • Arrange periodic checkups on the store by trusted staff. Make known the fact that checkups will take place but never announce a schedule for them.
  • Don’t leave merchandise in showcases at night. Showcase covers are not a deterrent and can serve as enticement for crime.
  • Do not position your safe along a wall adjoining the outdoors or another facility. Criminals are adept at breaking through a wall and penetrating the safe without even entering the building.
  • Ask about wall shock sensors.

Tips to keep safe as we move into Fall

* Respond to each and every alarm.

* If there is any question the request to respond is a ruse, call our Central Station Monitoring Command Center to verify they have contacted you.

* Test your system frequently to ensure all is well. Call the Central Station Monitoring Command Center prior to performing a test. You WILL need your private Code ID.

* Be sure to notify us if you are going out of town. Be sure tell tale signs such as newspapers or mail are taken care of.


JUST down the block from my residence a burglary took place in broad daylight. The home owner is now asking anyone who saw anything taking place in the neighborhood to come forward and give the Police information.

Unfortunately their alarm system was not armed when they went to work that morning.

The burglars ransacked the residence – giving the homeowners the feeling of being mentally assaulted.





THERE IS NO DOUBT taking a family vacation can be an intimidating experience, especially if you are the one planning the itinerary and in charge of meals. Nevertheless, these experiences are what lasting memories are made of. There is nothing that can put a damper on the best of vacations like coming home and finding out that your house has been burglarized. So as you scour websites planning the perfect vacation, remember to take the time to protect your house against unwanted intruders.

It should go without saying that you need to lock all doors and windows before you leave. I’m going to say it anyway, because how many people do you know who literally check each and every window? As you make your final sweep through the house, inspect each door to make sure it is properly locked. You never know if a family member ran out to the back porch at the last minute to grab something and forgot to lock up! Got sliding glass doors? Install a floor level lock that will prevent the door from sliding even if someone breaks the glass, manages to reach inside and unlock the door. Another option is to place a piece of wood, a dowel, or anything else that fits, into the track that runs along the bottom of the door so that the door can’t slide.

Resist the urge to share your vacation plans on social media sites,  such as Facebook or Twitter. Never check in from Disneyland or post pictures of yourself lying on the beach in Bermuda. If you really feel the need to share photographs of your vacation on Facebook, do so after you get home. Posting a picture of yourself hundreds of miles away from home is like posting a gigantic flashing neon sign on your house that says “Nobody home. Come on in and take all our stuff!”

While you are on vacation, be sure to take proper steps to make sure that your home doesn’t look unoccupied. Stop delivery of your mail and newspapers or ask a kind neighbor to take in the mail, newspapers or anything that gets left by your door. Make sure your grass is kept mowed and have someone shovel your walkway and driveway if it snows during your vacation. Got really good neighbors? Ask them to take in your garbage cans if the sanitation crew leaves them by the curb another telltale sign that screams “Hello!! We aren’t here but our valuable are!” Another important step to keeping your house safe it to USE TIMERS FOR LIGHTS!

A few other tips you might want to consider. Turn off all alarm clocks so passersby won’t hear them ringing for extended periods of time until they finally shut off on their own. Similarly, turn off the ringer to your phone and set the answering machine to answer after two rings so anyone outside won’t hear the phone ringing endlessly. If you have remote garage door openers, disconnect them so that would be thieves can’t open them using a universal opener. If you have an attached garage, make sure that the connecting door to the house is locked. Don’t leave the important stuff home. If you have pricey jewelry, irreplaceable family heirlooms or essential documents, take the time to secure them in a safety deposit box.

AND REMEMBER TO ARM THE SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM! If you are not sure it is armed, contact us at the Central Station Command Monitoring Center as many of our systems we are able to remotely check and arm for you (you will need your code ID for verification)


False Alarms

False alarms are dangerous. They diminish the ability of your security system to do what it is supposed to be doing assisting the Police or Fire Department in providing you with protection. They will also de-sensitize your neighbors (as well as responding personnel) and when you really do need help, the alarm sounding could very well be considered just another “cry of wolf” instead of an actual call for help.

We have recently upgraded our computer software to track false alarms. Customers who are having a problem with either operation or equipment will be receiving attention from our Service Manager, Keith. Even though we have one of the lowest false alarm rates of any company in this area of the country, our goal is to totally eliminate false alarms.

Finally, if you suspect something is amiss with your alarm, don’t wait! Call us immediately at 816-333-5233 to request a check-up!