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A chance for us to toot our own horn and to illustrate the effectiveness of having Jade Alarm as your security provider.


This past Friday, July 26th KCP&L inadvertently installed the wrong voltage transformer at the Landmark Loft building. Residents running out of the building exclaimed ‘there was fire shooting out of the electrical outlets’.

All of the electrical and electronic equipment sustained damage.

Jade Alarm Co. dispatched a service technician to evaluate the situation and when Eric discovered the extensiveness of the damage, he called our Service Manager, Keith, for re-enforcements.

Jade Alarm Co. has extensive stock on our equipment in the event of an incident such as this. Our personnel sprang into action and began replacing the damaged and destroyed equipment.  We are proud to say while other trades left after quitting time at the ‘end of the day’ we stayed with the customer and were able to finally get basic service restored.

Thanks again to everyone at Jade Alarm Co. working as a team to be sure the customer was taken care of!

Jade’s Backup Power Supply Keeps Our Customers Protected

Last night at approximately 18:48 hours (6:48PM) one of the KCP&L transformers servicing this area went down.

Immediately our UPS on-line systems began providing backup power to our Central Station Computer Automation System and within about 6 seconds our generators had taken over, providing power to our Central Station Command Center for several hours until regular electric service was restored.

All is well at Jade Alarm Co. – watching over you & yours!