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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is even more true when it comes to security systems. Quality video and photo surveillance is a powerful and effective tool for protecting your business and home at all entry points, deterring theft, improving safety compliance, identifying and apprehending thieves and assailants, and recovering stolen property.

Quality Video Systems

The quality of a video image makes all the difference. High definition mega-pixel and analog video cameras, professionally installed by Jade, get the image details other systems miss. Our technicians and staff undergo constant training to ensure Jade can deliver the latest of video surveillance technologies, installed with professional quality.

Jade's digital video delivers image quality that allows you to capture important details such as license plates, tattoos, and other identifiable features. Our High Definition Cameras continue to impress the Police Departments and their Crime Laboratory personnel with their image clarity and have enabled our video to be a valuable tool in many investigations.

Control What You See

Did a customer put their keys in their pocket or a valuable watch from your store? Jade provides the tools to make questions like these easier to answer.

Jade's video monitoring systems are easy to use and will allow you to view and control your system from your laptop or even your SmartPhone. Pan, tilt and zoom features available with our dome and mega-pixel video surveillance cameras will give you unprecedented control over live feeds and stored video, so you can focus on what you want to see and be certain about what you are seeing.

We're watching when you're not!

As a customer of our Central Station Monitoring Command Center Video Service you can rest knowing that your surveillance systems are working. At each shift change, our Central Station Monitoring Command Center Professionals will access the video system at your premises and view each video camera to ensure all is working properly. If there is an issue, a service order will be generated for immediate response by our Service Department to ensure continued protection of your property.

Jade's Central Station Video Service's detected a now former, long-time employee of a well known Kansas City restaurant attempting to circumvent the security on their liquor cabinet. Without this service, our customer's business would have been the victim of untraceable inventory losses.

Why Jade Alarm Co.?

We are often asked, "Can't I just buy a security camera from a big box discount store and install it myself?" Sure, but Jade Alarm's High Definition Digital Cameras are designed for continuous use and are professionally designed, installed, and maintained. Take a look around when you are in the big box discount store. Do they use their retail camera systems for their own security? It's obvious that they don't, so why would you?

Jade's professional grade equipment, coupled with our in-depth product knowledge and years of installation experience, allows us to provide a system that fits your needs exactly and stays within your budget. For example, utilizing Jade's high-quality mega-pixel cameras provide extremely incredible detail and may include a wider field of vision so you see more with fewer cameras.

As a Jade Alarm Co. Video Surveillance customer, you can be assured of:

  • Main & backup power supplies in the event of short term power outages or fluctuations.
  • Remote checking of your system on each dispatcher shift to ensure system is operating properly.
  • Alarming inputs to allow quick search of an area when a door was opened.
  • Extremely easy to use video search and system operation.
  • Outside & night time viewing with infrared illumination.
  • A staff of trained personnel with unprecedented dedication to service and satisfaction.

More and more companies are choosing Jade Alarm Co. for their video surveillance systems. It only makes good business sense.

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