How Signals Get to the Central Station Monitoring Command Center

How Signals Get to the Central Station Monitoring Command Center

Jade Alarm’s True Digital Radio Network is the most reliable and durable method of communication for your Security and Life-Safety needs.
In the 1970’s the alarm ’dialing’ equipment with the ability to indicate in what area an intrusion or fire was occurring came into being and now is being replaced with other methods such as internet / VOIP monitoring, cellular or true digital radio.
While we utilize the internet to remotely arm a system & change/delete the combinations, due to the speed and reliability of our True Digital Radio Network we prefer this method.

Below is a Printout of our Digital Radio Network

With multi-point communication paths, if one were to go down due to damage, other repeating sites will ensure reliable alarm signal reception all at the speed of light!

Method Advantages / Disadvantages
True Digital Radio Fast transmission speed. Multiple paths for redundancy. Multiple frequencies for security. The disadvantage — alarm company has to make an investment & be committed.
Direct Wire High cost of phone lines, limited zone indication. Unable to obtain service by phone company.
Automatic Dial Phone lines not reliable/available & their costs are dramatically escalating. Can get multi-zones.
Cellular 3rd party control of network. Have to replace each time new type of service (2g,3g,4g, and ??). Easily jammed and slow speed of signal transmission.
VOIP or InterNet Fast transmission speed. Disadvantage: single path. Internet is designed for entertainment purposes and NOT security. For instance, what happens when there is a simple power outage?
“Providing Your Security Since 1969”

— Joseph Pfefer

President & Founder

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