What Our Customers Have to Say

The main reason that Jade Alarm continues to grow is our exemplary Customer Service. Every member of our staff understands the importance of treating our customers as they would expect to be treated themselves. We are proud to say that our customers are our best sales people. Here is just a sampling of the great feedback we have received.

We tried the ‘huge corporate, out of state’ type of service and found they really did not care about us as a valued customer. We really are glad to have found Jade Alarm Co. They are here when we need them!

Mike Siebers
Director of Corporate Security
Price Chopper

When we need them, the people at Jade Alarm are there for us. Not only at the office, but for us personally as well. Properly designed systems have saved us time and time again. When we call, the people at Jade Alarm are there for us.

Rick Mos
Secretary/General Counsel
High Life Sales

Anytime we have had an issue, their service personnel have been prompt and responsive to our requests! I really like the ability to have them double check that our system is armed from their main computer – one less thing for us to worry about if we go out of town.

Robert Smith
Residential Customer

Jade Alarm’s personnel are easy to work with. Their FireNet monitoring network continues to save us money and headeaches. We appreciate working with a local firm that cares about its customers.

Michael Block
Block Real Estate Services

Over the years, Jade has been our security partner. Their personnel are of the highest caliber and having local monitoring with ’round the clock service gives everyone here peace of mind!

Barbara Gadwood

It was the middle of the night. A smoke detector was buzzing due to a low battery. Even though they did not install that sensor, their service tech responded and took care of the problem. Incredible service!

Dr. Steve Waldman
Residential Customer

Not only are the dispatchers at Jade Alarm courteous, they make sure our security is intact at all times. As such we trust them to provide service to our homes as well. Their diligence has prevented several occurences. When the chips were down, the people at Jade were there for us!

J. J. Mirabile
Chef & Owner
Jasper’s & Marco Polo’s Italian Market

I am so HAPPY to have found the good folks at Jade Alarm Co. They take care of me the way I take care of MY customers, like FAMILY!

Gary Joslin
Joslin’s Jewelry

In today’s world of hearing promises about certain times and having people who don’t know how to fix things, it was very refreshing to have 4 employees within one organization respond with such empathy and concern and also respond so quickly to our requests.

Howard Jacobson
Residential Customer

It was fabulous. They are wonderful and send out service technicians immediately when you need something.

Angie’s List Member