Incident Response Planning

Planning for a Crisis Before It Takes Place Is Important

Having a plan is not enough.

Taking action quickly with clear communication must also be a requirement. Educational or religious facilities are sometimes large, spread out, and vulnerable to acts of violence and terror. With a facility involving groups of students and staff, efficient and effective communication and action are key when there is an incident

Jade Alarm Co. can quickly reconfigure the access control system’s operation and notify personnel of the emergency while initiating the appropriate action. JADE ALARM CO. SecureCard™ Access System Control is a highly Integral solution that can be connected to other systems for a layered and well rounded approach. It is recommended that buildings have restricted public access and use a combination of Video, Intercom, and Access Control to monitor and control the foot traffic of everyone in and out of the building.

Always involve your local authorities such as law enforcement and fire safety personnel to make sure your plan is adequate and compliant with local regulations.

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Activation, Action, and Communication

Three top priorities during an emergency

1. Activation

Activating the Emergency Response plan can be from the use of wired or wireless panic buttons and holdup type devices. It could also be as subtle as opening or closing a door, entering a PIN code into a keypad, or presenting a card to a predetermined card reader.

2. Action / Lockdown

Upon activation, the system can quickly lock ALL or selected doors. It can activate gates, roll down barriers, and release door holders. It can turn on any electrical device, beacon, lights or sounder. Card Readers can be disabled or restricted. General Access can be restricted disallowing most cards to get through selected doors. Administration Cards could continue to work everywhere or just where previously determined. First Responders could have cards that are automatically given full or restricted access that typically don’t work at all. Access to doors can be restricted and altered in a moment to make areas inaccessible to possibly compromised cards while giving access to normally restricted cards.

3. Communication / Notification

While the system is actively locking down and reconfiguring, notification can be sent to all or selected Teachers and Staff onsite and offsite via email and text messages. Alarm transmitters can be activated to immediately notify a our Central Station Monitoring Facility. Intercom and PA systems can be configured to play an emergency warning or set of instructions.

Systems can be configured with terminal services or remote desktop to allow outside access to the system so that the monitoring of the access control and video systems can take place from a command post or patrol car outside the building. Combinations of technology and systems can provide the Activation, Action, and Communication required to plan for and react to an incident responsibly and quickly.

Programmable Features to Protect Your Facility and People

  • Control Bell Schedules
  • Unlock Doors to Accommodate Schedule Changes
  • After Hours HVAC and Lighting Control for Cost Savings
  • Keep Door Locked Automatically on Snow Days
  • Monitoring of Freezers / Generators and Critical Systems
  • Automatic Reset of Overridden / Unlocked Doors
  • Key Tracking for Conventional Door Keys
  • Search On User Defined Criteria and Skills such as CPR Training and Bilingual Capabilities of Staff
  • Scheduled Overrides of Doors for Special Events
  • Video Integration
  • Photo ID Badging / Photo Verification