Central Station Monitoring

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Delivers the Help You Need, When You Need It!

The value of any security company is measured by its ability to constantly monitor your protected assets and respond efficiently and appropriately in any situation. Jade’s world-class Central Station Monitoring Command Center is the heart of our business. It is why we can honestly say we deliver:
Peace of Mind, Since 1969.

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Kansas City’s Only Full Service Independent U.L. Certified Monitoring Facility

We’re Local

Locating our Central Station Monitoring Command Center Facility in the heart of our service area sets us aside from many of our competitors who attempt to monitor their customers from other cities, other states, and even other countries.

Our highly screened and constantly trained Monitoring Professionals are protecting their own homes, their neighborhoods, and the places their families work at or visit on a daily basis. They know the city and its neighborhoods and how best to respond to an emergency based on its location.

Operating our Monitoring Facility locally also allows Jade to maintain a good working relationship with all of the emergency service providers who will be rushing to your aid when called. For example, Jade has direct inward dialing lines into the KCMO Fire Department dispatch headquarters for the fastest response time possible if a fire alarm is received.

We Take Your Protection Seriously

We’re Dependable

Our Central Monitoring Facility building reflects this commitment. The windowless stone and brick edifice is fortified with a stone rampart. Our parking lot is bounded by a barbed wire security fence with gated access. All entrances are windowless steel security doors and every square inch of the buildings exterior, parking lot, and street approaches are under constant video surveillance. No one enters our facility without an appointment.

So what could be that valuable to deserve such excessive protection? The answer is YOUR life and that of your family’s, YOUR property and possessions, YOUR business and its employees. Just a few seconds of down-time could be disastrous to our valued customers.

The physical building security serves to protect our 24/7 staff of monitoring professionals as well as our state-of-the-art systems which are dedicated to making sure we are always able to respond to your alarm. Some of these protective systems include:

  • Main and Backup Receiving Computers
  • Main and Backup Data Processing Computers
  • Dual, 60 K.W. Standby Backup KOHLER “FAST RESPONSE” Generators (Primary Fuel is Natural Gas with Automatic Switchover to Propane, if needed)
  • Triple Redundant U.P.S. (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to Power the Central Station Monitoring Command Center

We Do More Than Respond to Alarms

We Save Lives! — As the manager of a valued customer looked at me and stated, “you realize, you saved a life that weekend.” Read more about this incident in our Winter 2020 Issue of JadeWire:

Responding to alarms and delivering the proper help is the primary task of Jade’s Central Station Monitoring Facility. Our staff is well trained and professional. We insist our employees adhere to strict UL and NFPA standards and our Central Station Trainer is certified per CSAA/APCO standards.

There are many other services that we provide to our customers through our Central Station Monitoring Command Center. Many of our customers have the ability, upon authorized request, to arm or disarm the system. Those systems can also allow for us to remotely change your combinations or bypass various alarm zones due to special circumstances such as construction or remodeling.

For our Commercial Customers, our Central Station Open and Close Service can generate reports sent to a location of your choice stating when the alarm system is turned on and off and by whom. This service has resulted in the detection and prevention of losses from unscrupulous personnel for multiple customers. For businesses that must be opened or closed by a certain hour we will notify proper personnel if the system is not turned on or off when expected.


  • Central station monitoring is a service provided by Jade Alarm at our secured facility where our dispatchers monitor and respond to alarm signals from security and life safety systems installed at a property. When an alarm is triggered, the central station receives the signal and initiates the appropriate response per predetermined instructions, such as contacting the property owner or dispatching emergency services. This continuous monitoring enhances the overall security of the premises ensuring there will be a response when needed and where needed due to the specific ‘zoning’ such as ‘rear door’ or ‘fire alarm 2nd floor controller’s office’. *The facility is certified by Underwriter Laboratories ( UL ) and the features include:
  • Secured again attack per U.L. standards.
  • Fire resistant structure per U.L. standards.
  • Tripple redundant generators with backup fuel supply.
  • Dual redundant medical grade UPS battery backup units.
  • Multi-layer communication systems.

Central station monitoring is important for home or business security systems because it provides continuous oversight and rapid response to any security breaches or emergencies. This level of monitoring enhances the overall safety and protection of the premises, offering peace of mind to the occupants as well as insurance companies.

A central station will monitor various types of systems or devices, including intrusion alarms, fire alarms, environmental alarms (such as temperature or water leaks), panic alarms, and medical alert alarms. Each type serves to enhance the overall safety and security of the monitored property and provide peace of mind to personnel including homeowners.

The response time of a central station to an alarm signal is immediate and there are actual UL and NFPA-72 standards that regulate the amount of time.  The goal is to initiate an immediate and appropriate response to any security breaches or emergencies.

Yes, central station monitoring services are available 24/7. This ensures continuous oversight and immediate response to any alarm signals, providing round-the-clock security for your property.