SecureNet True Digital Radio

Reliable Transmissions of Alarm Signals

Why True Digital Wireless Radio Service?

When you rely on phone lines or cable providers to connect to your alarm monitoring company, an inexpensive pair of garden shears is all that stands in the way of an unwanted intruder in your home or business. Cell phone based systems are also easily defeated by readily available cell phone jammers.

For some systems, simply cutting power to a building renders its security system useless. A loss of power or connectivity could also prevent a fire alarm signal from leaving your site, with disastrous results.

Jade Alarm Co.’s True Digital Wireless Alarm Network successfully addresses all of these issues and more. It is, by far, the fastest and most reliable method to transmit alarm signals.

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True Digital Radio Service

Jade Alarm Co.’s network is True Digital Radio. Your Jade installed alarm system communicates directly with Jade Alarm Co.’s network. We do not depend on any 3rd party to carry your signal for us. There are no external communication lines to cut; no cell signal that can be jammed.

Battery backup eliminates your worries during a power loss, whether it is caused by a true outage or a possible intruder. When your power goes out, Jade’s Central Station Monitoring Command Center is notified of the power outage. Our professional monitoring staff will determine the cause of the outage and take appropriate action. A fully charged battery continues to provides continued power. When the power begins to get low your system will transmit a low-battery signal, starting off a different series of actions to ensure that you are never without protection.

Jade’s True Digital Radio Offers Several Key Advantages

Radio Signals Travel at the Speed of Light

That means our Central Station Monitoring Command Center receives your alarm signal much faster than is possible by any of the other communication technologies.

There Is No Connection Time

We don’t dial a phone and wait for a connection before the alarm signal is transmitted.

It Saves Money

By eliminating the two dial up phone lines or other methods that slower and are not as reliable. Cable-based systems require a costly digital cable contract and may not be code compliant. These costs and issues are unnecessary with Jade’s True Digital Radio network.

We Do Constant Status Checks

Periodically, the FireNet and SecureNet systems will transmit a test message to our Central Station Monitoring Command Center. If that signal is not received when expected, action is taken to diagnose the issue and take appropriate action.

World Class Central Station Monitoring Command Center Is at the Receiving End of Your Alarm Signals

Periodically, the FireNet and SecureNet systems will transmit a test message to our Central Station Monitoring Command Center. This is truly the greatest advantage. Our dedicated, professional staff will immediately diagnose the alarm signal and take appropriate action, getting you the help you need when you need it.

SecureNet™ and FireNet™

Jade offers two True Digital Radio products, depending on your protection requirements:

  • SecureNet™ is our Intrusion Alarm True Digital Radio System
  • FireNet™ is our Fire Alarm True Digital Radio System

Both products provide the same advantages, outlined above, over their non-radio-based competitors and are fully supported by our World Class Central Station Monitoring Command Center.

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